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Automotive Tools

Man working with automotive tools

A man working on an automotive engine

Automotive mechanics have many tools in their tool belt. besides the usual ratchets, wrenches, and car lifts for their garages, they may have many specialty tools. At home, they may have a Jeep hardtop hoist. For those with the need of a paint job, automotive paint guns may come in handy.

Power Tools

Man using a saw

A circular saw, a common power tool

Power tools allow the user to get the same job done with less effort. Common examples of power tools include drills, saws, pressure washers, pneumatic framing nailers, and more. Most power tools are electric powered, but some are air powered.

Hand Tools

Hand tools laying on table

A collection of common hand tools

Hand tools have been around for thousands of years. Hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, and chisels are all great examples of hand tools.


A board with wood shavings

Wood shavings are a common product from woodworking

Woodworking is a craft that has been around for a long time. While most of the tools used in woodworking are simple like planes, sandpaper, and chisels, there are some more complex and heavy-duty tools like lathes, saws, and drills.

Tool Storage & organization

Neatly organized tools

well organized tool storage

Everyone that has tools needs a place to store them. Tool chests, containers, and hangers are all use to help the average handyman get organized.

Measuring & layout tools

A measuring triangle

A triangle, a common measuring tool

“Measure twice, cut once”. We have all heard this maxim, but it really is essential to doing a good job. There are many measuring tools out there, such as rulers, tape measures, and levels.

Air tools & compressors

nail gun air tool

An impact wrench, a common air tool

Air tools are special tools that are powered by air. The air, usually powered by a compressor, forces the movement of the tool. Common examples of air tools are, impact wrenches, saws, and pumps.

Concrete & metal

A man welding

Welding is a common metalworking activity

Concrete and metal work are both very rugged industries. Both require rugged tools. Welders, welding helmets, and protective welding gear are all necessary for most metal work..

Tool Accessories

ear protection

Ear protection, a common tool accessory

For every tool, there are dozens of accessories for it. Common accessories are hearing protection, gloves, and goggles.